Wolf & Maiden, Handmade Furniture & Products from Organic Materials

Since I’ve been out of the Interior Design Business, I haven’t been spending as much time on design and furniture research as I would have liked.  I really don’t know why, because I love all things beautiful, and good design, no matter what shape or form, inspires me.  Especially when it’s close to home…Proudly South African.

This morning while laying in bed and doing some iPad catchup reading, and listening to the non-stop rain, I came across an amazing blog site:  WOLF & MAIDEN CREATIVE STUDIO.

Says designers Wade Ross & Gilles Pretorius: “Wolf and Maiden was originally dreamed up as a response to the lack of consciously sourced and constructed goods on the market. In this day and age, with the ever increasing demand on resources, it became clear that a need has arisen to start producing goods that are made to last, using materials that are in themselves sustainable, with a constant thought on the afterlife realities of such goods. We’re interested in the way things work and how people work with things in the habitats we live in“.

Wolf & Maiden is an all encompassing Creative Studio that’s on a mission to improve the things and spaces we use every day.

What they do be:

  • Design and manufacture everyday items such furniture, lighting, home wares, hand-illustrated fabric, clothing, accessories, jewellery and stationery.
  • Bespoke pieces, interior design and decor and installations.
  • They also strive to empower up-and-coming craftspeople, designers and artists.  According to them collaboration equals innovation.
  • For those who are not natural born designers, but have great ideas, you can collaborate with them on your own design, whether it be a custom made, beautifully hand crafted object or new concept, they will design together with you and for you.
Just a few of my favourite pieces:
(info & images from http://www.wolfandmaiden.com)
They are situated in the up-and-coming wonderfully creative design hub that is called Woodstock.  They are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.
Unit A106, The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.
Tel: +27 79 088 8174
email: create@wolfandmaiden.com
Have fun browsing!

Colour Analysis: Warm Spring


A combination of the following makes you a Spring?

Your Skin:

  • Your skin has a yellow to orange red undertone.
  • Skin colour includes creamy ivory, peach, peach beige, golden beige.
  • Skin with golden or light blonde freckles.


  • Spring hair colours have a golden and red undertone.
  • Colour can range from golden blond, strawberry blond, caramel, coper, champagne and beige blonde.
  • Grey hair appears mousy and dull with a yellowish cast.


  • Blue, green, aqua, warm amber, warm hazel with golden brown or green gold tones, blue green, topaz, caramel or turquoise.
  • Golden flecks around the iris.

Your best colours:

  • Soft and muted colours with a warm yellow undertone.
  • Light peach, light orange, coral, mango, salmon, yellow gold, pastel yellow green, light aqua, light teal, light moss, clear red, powder blue, true blue, navy, mint, violet, lime green, golden brown, coffee brown.
  • Gold or brassy coloured jewellery.
  • Neutrals such as ivory, cream, stone, taupe, caramel, light peach, navy.


Colours to avoid:

  • Black, navy, grey, most pinks and pastel blues.
  • Too bright  colours.


(Images from Google Images)








My lovely friends, Adri & Daneel, asked me to do the makeup for their engagement shoot.  Obviously the makeup was for Adri only, as Daneel is already a ‘natural beauty‘ (smiley face with tongue in cheek).

The shoot took place this past Monday, 24 September…Heritage/Braai Day, and was at the beautiful Langverwacht, Kuilsrivier area.  Absolutely stunning.

Typical Cape Town weather, Monday morning started out cold, windy and rainy…yuk.  Luckily the winter morning turned into the most beautiful sunny summer afternoon.  Perfect for a late afternoon outdoor shoot.

The theme for the shoot was ‘Vintage Tea Party”, and the couple went all out with everything from family heirlooms such as anique tea sets, silverware, hand written recipe books (in ‘oldschool Afrikaans”…closer to Dutch) to soft white tablecloths and the most beautifully dainty cupcakes from Love Life Cupcakes.

The makeup was also done on location, DIY style on a little portable picnic table, which worked quite well, except for the fact that I did not anticipate the sun being so hot and bright…for a change too much natural light, which made it difficult to properly evaluate the end result.  But I have to say, Adri looked Beautiful with a light to medium neutral colour smokey eye and nude lips.

The official photos was taken by the super talented professional photographer Lizelle Lotter(pics to follow later)

The unofficial photos was taken by Jan Pool, my husband and avid amateur photographer and self confessed Geekster.

What a lovely couple, location and shoot.

Next job: Matric Dance…yay.

David Tlale, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York Spring/Summer 2013

Spring is upon us! Perfect timing seeing that Europe & US are currently showcasing the best in fashion for our upcoming spring & summer.

My current (and have been many times before) favourite South African Fashion Designer is definitely the one and only David Tlale.  He is a super talented designer with an eye for beauty & detail.  What I love about him is his ability to think outside of the box in creating and incorporating ‘ethnic’ design  infused with western style.

Tlale was a semi finalist at the 2002 South African Fashion Week Elle New Talent Show Competition.  From thereon his career just took off and reached new heights, especially since he was a relatively young and unknown designer…back then.  Now the world is his oyster (lame, I know).

On September 9th, 2012 David Tlale made his stand-alone debut at the New York Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week.

Prior to the show, Tlale explained that his “show in New York is not simply about translating South African design for a North American audience—but rather the transcendence of work through and beyond cultural nuances, and the delivery of that work to the global consumer.”

I am so in love with all his pieces, and they are so wearable!

Congratulations Mr Tlale.  We are so proud of you.

Now if only I could afford dress no 1 or 2 or 3 or 4…any of them?!…one day


Spring is almost upon us.  Yesterday, Wednesday, started out slightly overcast with early morning showers.  By mid morning it cleared up and turned into the most beautiful sunny spring day.  Perfect for an outdoor bridal shoot.

Tanya Becker Couture is getting ready for a mini Bridal Fashion Show the 29th September at Klein Bottelary Venue.  Yesterday we did a quick fashion shoot, where I did the makeup, showcasing 2 of her new dresses for her upcoming fashion show, where I will aslo be doing makeup.

Our ‘model’ was a full-time yoga instructor with the most amazing arms and back.  Thats what you get from doing yoga 6 hours a day 6 days a week.

The shoot took place at Vredenheim, just outside of Stellenbosch, in their beautiful garden.  How much fun was that.  Especially since the weather was that perfect.

Here’s a quick sneek peak.  Photos taken with my iPhone…so not all that professional.  I will post the phogographer’s photos as soon as I get them.

I love what I do!  I wish this feeling of utmost bliss upon all!


Colour Analysis: Warm Autumn

Earthy Autumn

What makes you an Autumn?

Your Skin Colour:

  •  Your skin has a yellow to orange red undertone.
  • Skin your colour includes one of the following: ivory, peach, golden beige, golden bronze, caramel, latte, maple, dark coppery beige.
  • Skin with dark reddish freckles.


  • Warm Autumn hair colours have a golden and red undertone.
  • Colour can range from bright copper red to deep chestnut brown, golden brown, rich golden red and  dark warm red.
  • Brunette with a golden or metallic red.
  • Golden blond, ginger, golden orange.
  • Grey hair appears mousy and dull with a yellowish cast.


  • Warm to dark brown, golden brown, hazel, green, amber or blue with golden flecks.
  • Very occasionally bright aqua or turqoise.

Your best colours:

  • Clear and bright colours with a yellow undertone such as tomato red, dark tobacco, rust, mustard, warm burgandy, orange, lime green, teal.
  • Neutrals such as brown, beige, khaki, camel, olive green, cream.
  • Gold or brassy coloured jewellery.


Colours to avoid:

  • Black, navy, grey, most pinks and pastel blues.

Celebrity Autumns:

(Images from Google Images)

This is a quick sneak peak into the beautiful sultry colours for Warm Autunm Skin Tones.

Have fun playing around and finding your true colours.


Colour Analysis: Cool Summer

Summer, oh glorious summer, who are you?

You are a summer when you have the following:

Skin Colour:

  • Your skin has a blue or pink undertone.
  • Skin colour include porcelain white, rosy beige and neutral.
  • Skin with rosy or charcoal gray freckles.


  • Summer hair will never have red, golden or copper undertones as they are warm tones.
  • Summer browns may be light, medium or dark ash brown, and can have ash undertones.
  • Summer blondes will have no golden tones, only ash tones.
  • Summer gray is either pearly cool gray or gray blonde.


  • Most common colours include blue, green with white flecks, gray blue, aqua, blue green, blue gray, gray, hazel with blue or green.
  • There might be a gray rim around the iris.

Your best colours:

  • Soft muted colours with a cool undertone.
  • Neutrals such as soft white, charcoal, stone, taupe, light gray, light navy, gray blue.
  • Silver or gunmetal jewellery.

(Images from Google Images)

Colours to avoid:

  • Warm browns, copper, gold, rust, apricot, orange, olive green, light khaki, cream and beige.
  • Any soft muted colours of above.

Celebrity Summers:

(Images from Google Images)

This in a nutshell is you as a summer.  You are a cool light fair maiden.