Angelique’s Knorhoek wedding.

A couple of weeks ago I did makeup for a beautiful strawberry blonde bride and her ‘entourage’ of 2 bridesmaids, flower girl, mother-of-the-bride as well as grandmother-of-the-bride.

She’s booked out the entire Knorhoek Guest House for her wedding party.  We totally took over the honeymoon suite and turned it into a ‘beauty parlour’ with hair dryers, brushes, makeup, you name it, all over the place.  Luckily the Knorhoek staff are well trained and probably used to this, as they came in to clean up right after the bride left for ‘THE BIG EVENT’.

Angelique is the sweetest girl with nerves of steel.  Her mother was completely stressed out while the bride calm and composed… until 1 hour before the service! Nerves took over…both excitement and stress of it all finally happening.

She looked absolutely gorgeous…real life fairy princess.

Her wedding colours were white & purple, which I absolutely loved, seeing that purple is one of my favourite colours.

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I so enjoyed being part of her big fairy tail day.

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