The Madiba Shirt

Today is Madiba Day…in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 95′th birthday.

Not only is he a truly inspirational man, captivating the entire world with his visionary humbleness, he is also somewhat of a FASHIONISTA!

With his savvy dress sense, combining colour, print, texture & supposed clashing styles, i.e. a somewhat casual button shirt paired with tailored trousers, buttoned shirt worn tugged out over trousers, etc., his Madiba Shirts has inspired fashion & textile designers worldwide to create interesting and fun garments.

The clothing line 46664 is also a Nelson Mandela Brand.  46664 (four, double six, six four) takes its name from the prison number (prisoner number 466 of 1964) given to Mr Mandela when he was incarcerated for life on Robben Island, off Cape Town, South Africa.  Mr Mandela gave his prison number to the organisation as a permanent reminder of the sacrifices he was prepared to make for a humanitarian and social justice cause he passionately believed in.  Available from selected Stuttafords and other retail chains, as well as an online store.

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(Images: Google Images)

(Images: Google Images)

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela.

Jasper & George Eco Friendly Furniture

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I have just discovered a fairly new online furniture store.

The 2 designers are a married couple, Heinrich and Ina van der Walt, based in Cape Town.

They are making use of the ‘Upcycling’ concept, using reclaimed wood such as pallet wood used for shipping and storage purposes. They also only use environmentally friendly sealants and paint.

Currently, their ever-expanding collection includes an assortment of rustic couches, coffee tables, beautiful benches and garden furniture and planters. Handcrafted with care, each item is testament to the infinite number of ways in which used pallets – which Heinrich claims are in abundance around us – can be transformed from waste to wonderful.










































All furniture and decor items can be ordered directly from Jasper and George – visit, email or call Ina or Heinrich on 082-303-6577 or 082-451-6181.

Pallet products are available in ‘any colour under the sun’ and they will also happily take on custom home projects.

To view the garden planters, pop in to Marigold, De Lorentz Street, Cape Town.

Wolf & Maiden, Handmade Furniture & Products from Organic Materials

Since I’ve been out of the Interior Design Business, I haven’t been spending as much time on design and furniture research as I would have liked.  I really don’t know why, because I love all things beautiful, and good design, no matter what shape or form, inspires me.  Especially when it’s close to home…Proudly South African.

This morning while laying in bed and doing some iPad catchup reading, and listening to the non-stop rain, I came across an amazing blog site:  WOLF & MAIDEN CREATIVE STUDIO.

Says designers Wade Ross & Gilles Pretorius: “Wolf and Maiden was originally dreamed up as a response to the lack of consciously sourced and constructed goods on the market. In this day and age, with the ever increasing demand on resources, it became clear that a need has arisen to start producing goods that are made to last, using materials that are in themselves sustainable, with a constant thought on the afterlife realities of such goods. We’re interested in the way things work and how people work with things in the habitats we live in“.

Wolf & Maiden is an all encompassing Creative Studio that’s on a mission to improve the things and spaces we use every day.

What they do be:

  • Design and manufacture everyday items such furniture, lighting, home wares, hand-illustrated fabric, clothing, accessories, jewellery and stationery.
  • Bespoke pieces, interior design and decor and installations.
  • They also strive to empower up-and-coming craftspeople, designers and artists.  According to them collaboration equals innovation.
  • For those who are not natural born designers, but have great ideas, you can collaborate with them on your own design, whether it be a custom made, beautifully hand crafted object or new concept, they will design together with you and for you.
Just a few of my favourite pieces:
(info & images from
They are situated in the up-and-coming wonderfully creative design hub that is called Woodstock.  They are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.
Unit A106, The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.
Tel: +27 79 088 8174
Have fun browsing!