The Madiba Shirt

Today is Madiba Day…in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 95′th birthday.

Not only is he a truly inspirational man, captivating the entire world with his visionary humbleness, he is also somewhat of a FASHIONISTA!

With his savvy dress sense, combining colour, print, texture & supposed clashing styles, i.e. a somewhat casual button shirt paired with tailored trousers, buttoned shirt worn tugged out over trousers, etc., his Madiba Shirts has inspired fashion & textile designers worldwide to create interesting and fun garments.

The clothing line 46664 is also a Nelson Mandela Brand.  46664 (four, double six, six four) takes its name from the prison number (prisoner number 466 of 1964) given to Mr Mandela when he was incarcerated for life on Robben Island, off Cape Town, South Africa.  Mr Mandela gave his prison number to the organisation as a permanent reminder of the sacrifices he was prepared to make for a humanitarian and social justice cause he passionately believed in.  Available from selected Stuttafords and other retail chains, as well as an online store.

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(Images: Google Images)

(Images: Google Images)

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela.

2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends: Woolworths

Earlier this week I did a post on Spring/Summer Fashion Trends.

Have a look at these Woolworths pieces and see how many of the 2013 trends you can spot.

woolies fashionAnd what’s best…most of the major Woolworths outlets do offer online shopping and delivering services.  How much easier can a girl shop?!

2013 Spring/Summer Fashion & Colour Trends

At last spring is almost, less than a week away, (touch wood) here.  Well, only technically.  1st of September is officially the start of Spring Season in South Africa, but in Cape Town, according to me, it only really starts closer to mid-October.

Cape Town Fashion Week was about 2 weeks ago, therefore I’ve decided to do some research on all things ‘hot’ this upcoming spring/summer season by looking at local and international catwalks for inspiration and ‘guidance’.

This is what I’ve concluded:

White on white, black & white outfit & colour combos as well as black and white with a pop of colour.Top-3-Fashion-Trends-For-Women-Spring-2013bcbg-spring-2013-black-and-white

Bold geometric print, especially in black & white.02-black-and-white-w724 ss_2013_trends_black_and_white-estilotendances

Bold stripes & print.spring-2013-trends-indian-inspired-textiles-prints-marc-jacobs-altuzarra-tory-burch 05-bold-stripes-w724

Bermuda shorts & short suits.08-shorts-suits-w724 01-bermuda-shorts-w724

Luxe leather and other ‘interesting’ textures.06-leather-w724J-Mendel-Runway-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013-Photos

Delicate beading, embellishment, fabric & design…think India, Middle-East & Russia.07-beading-w724marchesa-spring-2013-collection-pictures

Sporty & skater inspired dressesPictures-Review-Richard-Chai-Love-Spring-Summer-New-York-Fashion-Week-Runway-Show 09-sporty-dresses-w724

Holographic & metallics.burberry-spring-summer-2013-collection-l-sttre6 Blumarine-RTW-FW2012-silver-metallic-tgifguide1

Cut-outs.cutout-sp2013-mainCushnie et Ochs 2013 runway spring black cutout dress style

Statement Sunnies.04-statement-sunglasses-w724Photo edited with

 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Colour Trends

According to Pantone, Emerald is a must have colour this season.


(Image from:


(Image from:

In a follow-up post I will discuss how to incorporate these trends into your cupboard and seasonal fashion buys.

(Runway pics from Google Images &

My personal style is Creative / Eclectic


  • You enjoy an unique and interesting look and have a flair for combining unusual pieces.
  • You most likely work in a creative field such as design, music, art, etc. expressing your individualism through clothes.
  • You don’t really follow fashion, but rather look to the avant-garde designers for inspiration.
  • You often adopt a look that is vintage in nature, combining different styles such as 50′s bombshell, goth, retro, punk, rocker, new romantic etc.
  • Your outfits tend to be busy, consisting of many layers, bold unusual accessories such as hats, lots of costume jewellery etc.
  • You favour black, bright colours and loud prints, often combining pieces that clas, but somehow make it work.
  • You enjoy shopping, but are not fond of chain stores, preferring smaller boutiques as well as rummaging through second hand stores for vintage finds and interesting onc-off pieces.

Examples are Vivienne Westwood, Helena Bonham Carter, Sharon Osborne

(Images from Google Images, Concept/Words from The Wardrobe Academy)

My personal style is Trendy / Fashionista


  • You are a dedicated follower of fashion.
  • You are not afraid to stand out in a crowd.
  • You wear the latest cutting edge trends and fads, and you usually know what it will be before it becomes main stream.
  • You are adventurous with your wardrobe, never boring or stuck in a style rut.
  • Your look changes with every season as new trends come and go.
  • Most of your clothes is only worn for one season.
  • Your style is always changing.
  • You love shopping, fashion TV, fashion magazines, and you always keep an eye on what celebrities are wearing and the latest looks on the catwalks.
  • You shop anywhere that stocks the latest trends and are happy to mix low-end chain store pieces with high-end couture pieses.

Examples are Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker.

(Images from Google Images, Concept/Words from The Wardrobe Academy)

Winter Warmers

It is DEFINITELY winter!  Especially here in the beautiful Cape Town.

It is so cold, I just can’t seem to get warm.  My hands, feet and nose are all freezing…all the time.

Last night I realised I only have 2 warm coats and one leather biker style jacket to keep me warm…we went out for a quick bite and I had to dress warmly as the wind was howling and it was raining.  One of my 2 coats is a ‘hand-me-down’ vintage coat from when my mom was a student…so it’s really old.  It basically has no lining left, although the outer still looks good.

I’ve decided it is time for a new coat and jacket.  Something that fits properly, is not too bulky and heavy, but can keep me warm.  And where better place to start my search than trusted Woolies.

Here’s a couple of great choices.  And what’s more, they’re ranging in price between R500 – R850, so it is not going to ‘break the bank’.

502140992_BLACK_large 502040540_MAROON_medium 502024726_XBLACK_medium 501968726_BLACK_medium 501958684_XCHARCOAL_medium 501958668_BLACK_medium 501924118_STONE_large 501917128_BLACK_medium 501881684_NAVY_styled 501867898_XCHARCOAL_medium 501867872_XBLACK_medium 501866304_BLACK_medium

One thing I have noticed is some of this season’s jacket styles are quite ‘boxy’.  Not flattering for most body shapes…especially when you’re a juicy apple.  Anything that is not nipped in at the waist will make your upper body appear even bigger/rounder and is not flattering at all.

501874258_BBLUE_large 501932360_XBLACK_medium 501958676_XNATURAL_medium 501975208_BLACK_medium 501983396_NAVY_medium 501994682_XBLACK_medium 502000674_XBLACK_medium 502106868_RED_medium

Now if I can just get myself to move away from the heater and leave my cosy house to actually go and try them on.

(all images:

Great Gatsby

I am so excited and can’t wait for Leo DiCaprio’s latest movie: The Great Gatsby, set for release later this month.

The movie premiered last night at Cannes Festival, and I saw this morning it is ‘Coming Soon’ at Eikestad Mall Ster Kinekor.

Tobey Maguire, Baz Luhrmann, Carey Mulligan, DiCaprio and Amitabh Bachchan at the Cannes Premier.

Tobey Maguire, Baz Luhrmann, Carey Mulligan, DiCaprio and Amitabh Bachchan at the Cannes Premier. (Image from

If I could choose (fashion & music wise that is) when I wanted to live, it would either be the roaring 20′s or crazy 80′s.  Yes I know…80′s with the horrible fashion!  To me the 80′s represent experimentation, renewal & crazy fun.  Never has fashion been this (awfully) creative and expressive.  So yes…the 80′s.

Back to the the Roaring 20′s.

It was all about glitz and glamour. It was decadent and divine. Those were the roaring 20s. Fashion’s on-going love affair with this rebellious (i’m noticing a pattern) and glamorous decade is evident this spring. Laden with drop waistlines, flapper dresses, fringes and frills, hats, head/hair adornments and of course elaborate jewellery.

I am also a huge fan of Art Deco design, as in furniture & architecture.  Art Deco was  an influential visual arts design style which first appeared in France during the 1920s, flourished internationally during the 30s and 40s, then waned in the post-World War II era. The style is characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation. New York City (where I so want to live) has the most amazing Art Deco buildings, such as the Chrysler.  Even our beautiful Cape Town has a couple of stunning Art Deco Buildings.

Mutual Building with interior, Cape Town

Mutual Building with interior, Cape Town

600px-Mutual_Building_Cape_Town_056 Mh-08r The_Fresco_Room_in_the_Mutual_Building_Cape_Town

With the upcoming release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, fashion lovers are in for a vintage treat, thanks to an array of 20s-inspired pieces worn by Carey Mulligan, who stars as Daisy Buchanan.  The movie is a remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel.  I can not wait.



Did the movie follow this season’s fashion trends as seen on the Spring 2013 runways, or did fashion inspire the movie?  Who knows.



(Images from

Lastly, my avant garde makeup representation of 1920′s, the start of the SMOKEY EYE.

(Makeup by me, 2012)

Oscars 2013


The 2013 Oscars was held last night, and of course all the stars and starlets were (mostly) dressed and groomed to perfection.

Confession: I have not watched ANY of the nominated movies.  I basically go to the movies maybe once a year.  Don’t know why.  Oh yes, now I remember.  I would much rather spend that money on a nice dinner and bottle of wine at my favourite restaurant.

Back to fashion.

I’ve noticed a bit of an ‘Old Hollywood’ theme for the ladies, with some of the more popular colours being blush/nudes, and of course black.

Black is my favourite colour, so that is why I’m singling out my favourite black gowns from last night.

Nicole Kidman a L’Wren Scott creation

Sandra Bullock wore Elie Saab Couture

George Clooney wore a Giorgio Armani tuxedo, his girfriend Stacy Keibler a Naeem Khan dress

Halle Berry wore a Versace gown

Kelly Osbourne wore Tony Ward Couture

Kelly Rowland wore a Donna Karan Atelier

It must be so much fun getting ready for a red carpet event, kitted out in your favourite designer’s latest creation, being beautified by your team of stylists, and then not to mention the numerous after parties.