Bridal Shoot

This past weekend, Saturday to be exact, I did makeup for a bridal shoot at a wedding/function venue just outside Stellenbosch.

This magnificent showcase was put together by Tanya Becker from Tanya Becker Couture, a Stellenbosch based fashion design studio, specialising in the designing and making of bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and special occasion formalwear for modern women, which express their unique sense of style and personality, with the accent on feminine and luxurious.

For the past couple of weeks Tanya & Marrietta, the multi-talented super creative duo design team, has been working tirelessly on their new range of bridal gowns, including bridesmaid dresses.

To showcase their new designs, they decided to do a proper bridal photo shoot at an actual wedding & function venue, the breathtaking and historic Klein Bottelary Venue, with a professional photographer Archer Rose Photography.

Klein Bottelary Venue

There were 9 models, all 'locally sourced' beautiful young student girls from our wonderful local university campus.  They all arrived bright and early...10 am on an overcast cold and windy Saturday morning, ready for a day of girl fun.

Tanya Becker Couture together with Jurita from the venue kept us fueled with the most delicious snack platters, coffee, tea, water...and of course bubbly, Simonsberg Kaapse Vonkel (thanx know me too well).

The morning flew by, and can definitely be described as a Makeover Mayhem, with hair, makeup, dress fittings and changing, deciding on shoes & accessories, finding the perfect spot for the perfect shot, etc.  All in a day's work.

Various types available from Clicks

Except for being able to wear gorgeous dresses, and seeing yourself as a real bride, one of the highlights of the day for the models, I think, was the fake eyelashes.  They all got a pair and were so excited they just could not stop talking about their amazing lashes.

My question...what went wrong with evolution?!  Why can't we all have amazing long and thick lashes!?  Mayby in a couple of thousand years.

The shoot was supposed to end at 14:00, but as with good red wine, matured until 15:00.  But well worth it.  I have only seen a couple of sneak peak pics, and they look amazing!