Colour Analysis: Cool Winter

So you are a Winter

What does this mean:

Skin colour include:

  • Skin colour include porcelain white, rosy beige, olive, almond, cocoa, mocha, mahogany and ebony to black, with a blue or reddish undertone.
  • Skin with rosy or charcoal gray freckles.


  • Winter hair will never have red, golden or copper undertones as they are warm tones.
  • Black tones include jetblack, brown black and Asian blue-black.
  • Medium to dark brown.
  • Silver, white and salt-and-pepper.


  • Any gray tones, a deep, dark eye colour, including black, black brown, red brown.
  • Hazel with blue or green, dark blue, clear blue, gray-blue, gray-green or light green.
  • The iris often has a dark rim.

Your best colours:

  • Bright jewel colours with a blue undertone such as emerald green, bright turquoise, royal blue, shocking pink, cardinal purple and blue red.
  • Neutrals such as black, white, navy, taupe and grey.
  • Silver or gunmetal jewellery.

Colours to avoid:

  • Warm browns, copper, gold, rust, apricot, orange, olive green, light khaki, cream and beige.

Winter Celebrities:

(Images from Google Images)

This is Winter in a nutshell.  I will be discussing the remaining 3 seasons in upcoming posts.





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