My personal style is Dramatic / Bombshell


  •  Your wardrobe is all about playing up your figure and looking as attractive and sexy as possible.
  • You understand your body shape and what to wear to enhance it.
  • You prefer figure hugging silhouetes in glitzy fabrics, bold colours and striking prints, high heeled shoes and dramatic statement pieces.
  • You enjoy standing out in a crowd, wearing eye-catching and daring outfits that draw attention to yourslef.
  • Less is more is definitely not your philosophy.

Examples are Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Salma Hayek

(Images from Google Images, Concept/Words from The Wardrobe Academy)

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I am a people loving food and wine craving Interior Designer turned Makeup Artist and Personal Stylist. I love everything beautiful, all things related to fashion and all aspects of design. Creative people inspire me. In my blog I attempt to showcase new fashion, trends, products and even cool designs. I will even attempt being your 'agony aunt' answering your questions, where I can. Knowledge is power. I believe all people have the ability to be great. Some just need a little help realising their greatness. I want to help you be the best you can be. By sharing my little titbits of knowledge about makeup, style, colour, food, design and life in general, I aim to insipre all to live the bestest most fabulous life possible. Life should be fun. We should all be passionately tackle each day as an adventure. This is also hard work, and an ongoing work of progress. Here's from me to you...a sneek peak into all that inspire, tantalise and evoke my passion. xoxo

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