Winter Warmers

It is DEFINITELY winter!  Especially here in the beautiful Cape Town.

It is so cold, I just can’t seem to get warm.  My hands, feet and nose are all freezing…all the time.

Last night I realised I only have 2 warm coats and one leather biker style jacket to keep me warm…we went out for a quick bite and I had to dress warmly as the wind was howling and it was raining.  One of my 2 coats is a ‘hand-me-down’ vintage coat from when my mom was a student…so it’s really old.  It basically has no lining left, although the outer still looks good.

I’ve decided it is time for a new coat and jacket.  Something that fits properly, is not too bulky and heavy, but can keep me warm.  And where better place to start my search than trusted Woolies.

Here’s a couple of great choices.  And what’s more, they’re ranging in price between R500 – R850, so it is not going to ‘break the bank’.

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One thing I have noticed is some of this season’s jacket styles are quite ‘boxy’.  Not flattering for most body shapes…especially when you’re a juicy apple.  Anything that is not nipped in at the waist will make your upper body appear even bigger/rounder and is not flattering at all.

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Now if I can just get myself to move away from the heater and leave my cosy house to actually go and try them on.

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